What is SEO and do I need it as part of my website?

Search Engine Optimisation is part of an integrated digital marketing strategy.
Search Engine Optimisation also known as SEO is the process of improving your website using both on and off page SEO elements so that it will be more easily found by popular search engines like Google and others like Yahoo and Bing. Carried out properly, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is part of an integrated digital marketing strategy.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

Improving a websites performance and visibility in search engine results requires building credibility and trust through the use of a variety of tools and techniques.

When a potential customer searches for your business you want them to be able to quickly locate and follow your digital trail. If your digital trail is weak, or incomplete the potential customer is weary and your credibility is weakened.

<strong>01//</strong> Detailed Website Audit

01// Detailed Website Audit

Current website assessment to identify factors affecting search engine results.

- Page Analysis
- Inbound Link Analysis
- Outbound Link Analysis
- Competition Analysis
- Keyword Analysis
- Detailed Recommendation

<strong>02//</strong> On-site Optimisation

02// On-site Optimisation

Applying good structural principles in both design and content. Enable Google to effectively crawl and index your site for targeted keywords

- Page Title
- Meta Keywords & Meta Description
- Header & Image Tags
- Paragraph and Article Tags
- Keyword Density
- Internal Linking
- Link Structure
- Valid W3 Standard HTML
- Sitemap structure
- Page speed

    <strong>03//</strong> Off-Site Optimisation

    03// Off-Site Optimisation

    Credible Social Networks and Directory Listings that improve your search rankings

    - Google+ and Bing Local page set-up
    - Google Places and Google Maps
    - Online Directory Listings

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