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Inview was engaged by BIC Sport Ireland to develop an eCommerce platform for the Irish franchise of the globally renowned water and board sports brand, BIC Sport. The delivered solution involved the creation of a dynamic website utilizing the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) integrated with WooCommerce.

The website boasted comprehensive mobile commerce capabilities, facilitating a seamless shopping experience with a catalog featuring over 400 products categorized across six sport brands. Various customer payment options were implemented to enhance user satisfaction and engagement.

Key features of the eCommerce solution included the efficient execution and management of discounts and promotions. The backend system was designed to be user-friendly, empowering the client to monitor stock counts effortlessly. An automated mechanism was put in place to halt the sale of products when the inventory was depleted.

To accommodate variations in product size and weight, tiered shipping rates were implemented, ensuring a flexible and fair shipping structure for customers. The website’s design was fully responsive, offering an optimal user experience across all devices. The professional and informative web design stood as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality.

Built on the WordPress CMS with WooCommerce integration, the delivered website provided scalability, allowing for future expansion and evolution as the business continued to grow. This strategic choice ensured adaptability and flexibility in navigating diverse directions for the site’s development in tandem with the expanding needs of BIC Sport Ireland.


In 2021, the BIC Sport brand transitioned to TAHE, leading the local franchise to rebrand as This evolution prompted an expansion of the product range and a complete overhaul of the website, necessitating the creation of a new brand identity. The website’s redesign aimed to seamlessly incorporate the changes, ensuring a fresh and cohesive online presence reflective of the expanded offerings and the innovative spirit of Built on the foundation of WordPress CMS with WooCommerce, the updated website maintained its scalability, ready to adapt to the evolving needs of the rebranded entity.

CUSTOMER (formerly

What we did

e-Commerce Web Design, Social Media. Product Catalogue Updates. Rebrand

Thanks again for everything, Great job.

Hugh Morris, BIC Sport Ireland

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